Captured by local photo Randy Land Pro, is our new 103GBF Hometown Honey - Alexandra. What a beauty! Here's a bit out this Hometown Honey in her own words.

Well I am Italian that's something I get asked a lot here when I moved here... my 2 in a half year old son Is my life .. I like all kinds of music rap, rock and actually started to listen to country here.I actually love singing, my 2 year old always wants me to song to him.. guessing that's a good thing! I love to be different! Hobbies would be I actually dance would love to own my own hip hop studio one day I love and adore kids In General! My full name is Alexandra and now I live in Mt. Vernon but I'm actually from Philadelphia, so I get called Philly or Alex, pick which one you like!"

I like 'em both...and your pics too!  Enjoy!