It's time to honor our next 103GBF Hometown Hero, ES Sgt. Chris Phillips. Here's how the nomination came to me, as a Facebook message from Chris' Aunt Wendy!

Wendy Phillips

"Hey Mike! Hope you are having a great day. I would like to name my nephew ES Sergeant Chris Phillips.. He has went to Iraq and had to leave his precious babies everytime.. When it came time to re enlist he was quick to sign again.. He is my hero and everyone else's in our family!!!"

Chris is a Central grad, single with two beautiful kids, Ava Rose and Greyson. He is not married . He lives here in Evansville and is here at the time being.. He will be going back for another tour of duty.  Check out the superhero pictures with some of the men he was overseas with.




Thanks you ES Sgt. Chris Phillips for your outstanding service to our country.  You make us proud....You Are a 103GBF Hometown Hero!