This Sunday from noon til 5pm on Newburgh Beach, it's 103GBF and Budweiser's Ski Day On The Ohio!

Ahead of its time, SkiDay on the Ohio has paved the way for many of the large boating events that are now commonplace on rivers and lakes throughout the USA. And now, over 30 years later, this boating “mega-party” has evolved into one of the largest river beach events in the United States!

In addition to the live music, SkiDay boasts two wildly popular events that are iconic to the thousands of annual SkiDay attendees; "The SkiDay King of the Beach Competition" and "The World Famous SkiDay Bikini Contest"!

Although SkiDay on the Ohio is presented as a day of music, contests and prize giveaways, the actual "event" is you, the boaters, gathering for one day to celebrate your favorite pastime. Now the “must-go-to” boating event on the Tri-State’s annual social calendar, SkiDay is considered by area boaters as "The Party of the Year"!

So what is SkiDay?

SkiDay is “Spring Break and Mardi Gras in a Blender!” and after 30 years, SkiDay 2012 will be one fine concoction!

If you don't have a boat, join us at the Ski Day bierstube and Music Fest this Friday and Saturday night's at Marina Pointe. Live bands, a homemade bikini contest for cash prizes and the giveaway of Bud Light's Port Paradise trip are among the events happening at The Pointe this weekend.